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My Hookah by Carl F Hellström- “Sand Smoke”

Sand Smoke

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Carl Fredik Hellström a contemporary artist born 1977 works in Stockholm. He moved from New York to Linköping (Sweden) in the Year 2000 after he finished his studies in fine arts at Parson’s School of Design. He stayed in Linköping for 7 years where he held several exhibitions. He also held several exhibitions in Japan, Korea and the UK. At the same time he was very engaged in the local cultural arena. Carl’s art is mainly about nature, and with the feeling of what nature is. Often his work is produced with what nature can provide, thus “Sand Smoke”

Why did you choose Greenpeace?

I like the environment, and think should be preserved, it’s that simple!

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Do you want “Sand Smoke?”

  • All proceeds from “Sand Smoke” will be donated to Greenpeace.

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