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My Hookah by Hector- “The Crazy Bird”- The world first tattooed Hookah

Den Galna Fågeln

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Hector a tattoo artist with a huge reputation, started his carrier by tattooing his friends. Hectors enterprise has developed from his friends to Tumba tattoo, where his art decorates the Swedes bodies. It’s not totally unexpected that Hector is tattooed himself. Once we got in contact with Hector he did not hesitate for a second, and he decided to treat the Hookah as one of his customers, it was time for the Hookah to get a tattoo. To our knowledge it is the first Hookah with a tattoo. The result is “The Crazy Bird”

Why did you choose Ecpat?

I choose ecpat because they work against child prostitution, it says it all.

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Do you want “The Crazy Bird?”

  • The money from “The Crazy Bird” goes in full to the charity Ecpat.

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